Amplify ELA

As art director, I led a cross-functional team in the development of comprehensive marketing guidelines and a robust visual toolkit for Amplify ELA — visualizing and verbalizing the unique characteristics of the product and making it easy for internal teams to ensure that look, feel and voice is consistent through all forms of communication.  

Internalizing the product’s guiding principles of equity, rigor and journey, I led a team of illustrators in surfacing the beautiful artwork of the ELA content and juxtaposing these diverse scenes and characters to create a new story that represents Amplify ELA as a whole. We named this artwork The Literary Journey, created a system for usage and then fleshed out multiple treatments and marketing material concepts.

My Role: Lead Art Director / Illustrators: Maia Benaim and Alex Moy / Animator: Alex Moy / Marketing Designer: Andrea L. / Copywriter: Lynn Harris